Monday, 16 April 2012

Inspiration: Necklace Ring

Again, as seen on the Love Aesthetic blog
She states to describe her look,
"A delicate silver chain necklace is wrapped around my finger and is worn as a ring."

Inspiration: Folded Clutch

It's pretty self explanatory.  
(I suggest using a sheet of paper as the template to make the cross shape.. if you know what I mean)
I'll try to attempt this using leather, since I have some lying around.
Anyways... Good luck kids.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

D.I.Y: Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

From Cherry Jello lip stains to setting your make-up..
here's 6 tips from Refinery29

D.I.Y: Patch Sweater

Oh God, it's been like what.. 4 months? 
SUPER SORRY KIDS. even though.. no one reads this blog.
Well, well,'s a  simple sewing D.I.Y. presented by Refinery29

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

D.I.Y: Gold Twig Bangles

The look seems very delicate, fragile and feminine.
I like that.
This D.I.Y was created by
 a very popular DIY blog, A Pair And A Spare

(her inspiration, below)

Like her, you can pair it along with other thin gold bracelets

Having trouble on deciding how to stack your bracelets?
Here's A Pair and A Spare's previous post..

D.I.Y: Broken Lock Necklace

Those locks you use on suitcases.. you know what I'm referring to right?
Yeah, they don't last forever, you know.
And when they don't, make a D.I.Y. why don't you.

Well the marvelous Queen Of Funky DIY
is one step ahead of us all.  Such a genius at such a young age, 13. 

She simply removed those number rings/wheels from the broken lock and created a necklace.

D.I.Y: Reconstruction of A Thrifted Sweater

This gal really knows how to stretch her dollar.
In this tutorial
Kristen presents a new way of reusing your old knits, 
or yournew old thrifted knits.

All you need to know is how to use scissors and the basics of sewing.

By the end of this magnificent D.I.Y... you'll have some


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Inspiration: Color Block Dress

Found on Tumblr, the pattern of this 
dress seemed simple enough and also quite elegant.

D.I.Y: Jewelled Heels

Again with Honestly WTF ..
My obsession with that website has obviously grown..
Someone has to look fabulous at all those holiday parties right?

(Their inspiration from Miu Miu)

D.I.Y: Peter Pan Collar

Yes, I know. Peter Pan collars have been in 
for a long while now.
It's just, there was never the perfect tutorial..
and now, as you probably have now guessed.. I have found one.
Again, it`s easy as ABC. And you only need a few pieces.. ones that you
can find around the house and the nearby craft store (maybe.. dollar store as well)

(Their inspiration)

D.I.Y: Faux Fur Vest

Horray! More winter clothes to make!
This right here, I would like to make for a small girl.. so she would look 
like this little piece of sunshine!
(Image found on

Well the tutorial seems fairly simple. However there's no instructions for a large hood.
You fashionistas can figure that one out on your own. 
The tutorial was found on A Blonde + A Brunette's Tumblr

D.I.Y: Crochet

So I want to attempt to knit/crochet a circle scarf.. 
it IS the winter season after all.
Ironic how Canada currently has absolutely no snow.

Videos by: Queen Beeuty and Boat People Vintage

Friday, 16 September 2011

D.I.Y: Bead Statement Ring

I adore how this lovely little ring reminds me of a bird's nest.
You could just check out the cute and easy tutorial posted by 
the glorious blog Socks And Mittens.
I can't post much, because I must study. I'll keep things very brief from now on.

How to Style: Silk Scarves

You see this video below?
It's by a YouTuber who I have recently fell in love with..
not in any.. weird..way or anything
She's very sweet, modest and has the best style.
This video shows you how to style those scarves into headbands. Enjoy!


It's been a month, and I've been so lazy.
Sorry. Lol