Saturday, 30 July 2011

D.I.Y: Galaxy-Print

It's so "hipster".
Lately alot of people have been taking interest in the
design of nebulas and galaxies.
The color and stars it's something mysterious and mystical about it.
So here is how you can incorporate galaxies into your clothes.

I tested out this tutorial myself.
And it turned out wonderful, I got many positive feedback on them..
I'll post a picture of my version when I find the photos haha.
Well here... Goth Reform School provided us a cosmic shoe tutorial.
It's super easy and doesn't take up much time (also, again. it's super cheap).
Still going along with the galaxy theme...
this is a video tutorial by Youtuber Look Under Here, she created a
bandeau tutorial!!!

Yeah.. I'm sorry. I have nothing really left to say.
Long week. Haha

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Inspiration: Statement Rings (continued)

Earlier this month, probably a week ago, I posted an entry about
creating your own statement rings.
This post here will help inspire more ideas on designing your own ring.
The ring shown above is sold on for 30 euros.
The website supplies many awesome, unique accessories and clothing (many are statement pieces).
Good luck!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Inspiration: Beach Cover-Up

Ohh, sassy.

D.I.Y: Beach-Inspired Projects

Lately, I'm guessing since it is summertime, everyone has been pursuading me to join them at the beach.
Personally, I find the beach is a little irratating just because one factor.
The sand.
Mostly when it's windy, don't get me started.
However, the beach is one good place for relaxation.
Everything insipired by it seems to be whimsical, peaceful, airy and happy.
Enough with the jibber jabber, on with the D.I.Y's...

The picture above is of a cute, vividly colorful bracelet/anklet made of seed beads sewn onto a shoe lace.
The tutorial was cleverly created by Between The Lines.
I really love this tutorial for it's colors and it's low level of difficulty. Plus the materials for the
project is very easy to find, and it's also very cheap.

I think I have made it obvious that I'm in love with Studs and Pearls blog.
Well, what can I say? Other than she's a creative genius!
Enough with the compliments and flattery.
She recently posted this seashell earring tutorial.
But in my opinion, I think the earrings could look pretty awesome with an ombre effect.
Perhaps with the colors white and teal? Done with spray paint?
But it would be difficult- the seashells are puny.

The video above is a "Yacht Dress", which I believe can also be
a beach bathing suit cover up. It's a simple D.I.Y from a reconstruced t-shirt.

That's all for now!
Good luck!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

D.I.Y: Statement Rings

Rings are the most entertaining type of D.I.Y project, in my opinion.
You have an infinite list of objects you can use and transform it into a ring.
Below are some examples of rings you can create by using a ring blank as a base.

The tutorial/project of the triple stud ring is one of my favourites.
You can alter the method We Heart This used and create something different.

The spike ring tutorial (as seen below) uses the
same method of attaching the stud/bead cap to ring.
Posted by Studs and Pearls, and as well as the tutorial above, had many readers
praising their work.

After reading these D.I.Y posts, I considered to myself if it was possible to use
other "decals" (rather than studs) by using the same method.

For example, you can use skull beads and maybe some
wing-shaped beads/pendants.
Remember: You can always spraypaint the beads!
If you have any more suggestions, please comment below.
Good luck with your rings!

D.I.Y: Cut-out Skull Shirts

Why am I totally obsessed with cut-outs?
The answer possibly could be because it's so much fun to do.
Well, luckily for me, I discovered this D.I.Y blog, Runway DIY, which featured this
Well I hope you enjoy it as much as I certainly did.
Good luck!

D.I.Y: Sharpie Love.

So you think you can only use the bold markers for art?
Have you thought about using it on your clothes and accessories?

1. Studs and Pearls recently presented a geometric lace top tutorial.
It includes how to make the top and how, of course, she incorporated the use
of Sharpies into her clothing.
2. Here is faux-Chanel top from Luxenoir, who accomplished this
project with 3 simple tools: a white tee, a sharpie and a Chanel logo template.
3. I came upon these wonderful Sharpie heels found on Outsapop.
They truly are a statement piece to a girl's waredrobe.
  4. Finally, you also have the option of making your jewellery appear more antique or "vintage" by following this post by Glamourai.

Need more inspiration?
There is cute image of a unique little D.I.Y sweater was found on

Good luck guys!

Inspiration: Cut-out Dress

{found on, click to enlarge}

This dress suggest the dress is of a stretchy material, spandex most likely.
I believe this dress was cut in either 2 ways..

1. Cut 2 small triangular slits at either sides, and a piece of the same fabric wrapped around at the front 

2. One big oval piece was cut (therefore, the dress would be partially backless),
and the middle part is actually a knot.

I apologize if my description of the instructions were not very clear.
Please comment to leave questions.
Good luck guys!

D.I.Y: Burberry Inspired Skirt

Yes. You've probably have all seen this tutorial before.
Yes. It's a very cute skirt from Burberry Prorsum SS 2010.
Here's the tutorial
Though I keep questioning myself about what fabric Burberry had used.
It appears very airy and light.
I do love the tutorial.
However, I believe the material Anywho used, does not seem appropriate for the project.
All and all, the results were fantastic, and I shouldn't be the one to criticize.

So, you might wonder why I would mention such an old tutorial post.
One that almost every D.I.Y experimenter has seen.
Well it's because I believe the method Anywho used, can probably be applied with this spandex dress below.

{click to enlarge, found on}

Monday, 18 July 2011

D.I.Y: Pearl Collars.

The image seems self-explanatory.
 Buy pearl beads of approximately 2-3 different sizes.
Sew each individually onto your collar.

{found on Tumblr}
I have to say, this looks ridiculously uncomfortable.
But cute.

Bows: The Finishing Touch

Bows are the finishing touch. Most of the time it adds a feminine sense to the outfit.
But, not only girls wear bows; don't forget there are bow ties..
Below are varies ways one could incorporate bows into their outfits.

1.You could sew a humongous bow and attach it to a plain tank top.

2.An alternate for a bow tie...
You could take a velvet string and tie it into a bow. Add a safety pin/brooch at the back and use it to accessorize with a plain collared shirt.
The "Velvet Bow Brooch" is sold on ASOS for
£6.00 ,but can be easily done for much less.
3. Bows and shoes. 
Correct me if I am wrong... but it looks as if the bow is on an elastic band, and worn
around the shoes.
 {click to enlarge}
In the end, bows always add a romantic finish to our outfits.

D.I.Y: Dip-Dye Sweater

[71% Cotton, 26% Acrylic, 3% Wool]

This sweater is sold here:
It is a "3/4 length sleeved raglan cut pullover sweater".

The style of the sweater above is easily accomplished by simply
dipping a cotton sweater into a pool of fabric dye.
NOTE: Consider this- most dip-dyes with cotton the ombre effect might not be accomplished easily

D.I.Y:Waterfall Chain Necklace

Statement necklaces. Everyone loves them.
It adds a little more flavor to the outfit, it brings something special to the table.
I prefer things with chains, so here we are.. with a waterfall necklace tutorial.
However.. if you like, instead of dangling chains, you also
have the option of using feathers, ropesleather strips, etc.
Whatever that floats your boat. 
 This tutorial is from Youtuber "mad4beauty"

I really love how she pairs the necklace with an edgy leather jacket and a plain white tee.

Anyways, good luck !

Inspiration: Cut-out

From .. I actually don't know where I found this photo.
Sorry my darlings.

D.I.Y: Detailed Collars

I love, adore, obsessed with detailed collars.
It's something you don't see much around, mostly on girls.
SO.. here are some ways to spruce up your white collar shirts people!

The M&J Trimming's blog provided a tutorial for a dotted collar blouse.
(I would totally match this shirt up with some high waist black pants.. but that's just me)
It's done in four easy steps with very little materials need.

Below is a video tutorial of that Miu Miu collar from Fashion Citizen on Youtube.

And finally.. Alexa Chung and her cute studded collar.
The instructions for the studded collar seem pretty easy, just add studs.

Well anyways, good luck guys!

D.I.Y: Jersey Scarf into a Skirt

It's old, yes. But it's a good video.
The video displays an alternate way of wearing your simple jersey scarf, but it's not going to be worn around your neck...
(from AfterDRK )

A scarf as a skirt from afterDRK on Vimeo.

D.I.Y: Cut-out shirts

Many people do it. It adds a little self expression- like all D.I.Y projects.
Cutting out shirts is a great way to experiment the capablities of a pair of scissors
(also it's a good way to pass time)

This post serves as inspiration for others to begin their reconstruction projects.

I SPY DIY 's page in the July Issue of InStyle.
This is actually a cut-out dress from
(the post )
The way she wears it in the photo seems very romantic and airy.

Here's a little something for those 'rock-n-roll'ers.
Slashed tee from ASOS.

The picture below is from a it is a DIY Vera Wang shirt. A little more on the edgy and rebellious side as well.

D.I.Y: Balmain-Inspired Jean Shorts

So I found this cute tutorial on Youtube on these chain shorts.
It was inspired by, of course, Balmain.

I'm guessing these shorts, in the image below, were the one this Youtuber saw
(her account goes by the name "mad4beauty")

Her take on the pair of shorts is a bit more subtle, and also includes chains from an old necklace.
Sorry that the video is a bit long, 11 minutes.

Haha, I also don't know how you would wash these shorts.
Anyways..Enjoy!! And good luck!

D.I.Y: Balmain-Inspired Tank

See that tank top?

Oh man, I love it. So rebellious and edgy. 
I wish I could totally afford it, but no, sadly I cannot.
So here is Boat People's take on it..

All you need- Acrylic paints, a bit of cardboard, paint brushes, a tank top, scissors, a pen/pencil

(maybe some bleach, laundry machine and maybe a candle.)

It's a great tutorial, hope you enjoy!
P.S. "Boat People" also has a boutique, it sells some pretty rad vintage clothing.

D.I.Y: Clutches + Acrylic Paints

Here are some tutorials with some girls who re-styled their plain clutches, using acrylic paints! Acrylic paints are cheap and dry extremely fast. So these tutorials should be a piece of cake!

This first photo is a simple project, using just two colors (white and neon orange), inspired by the color block trend.
The tutorial is from
Now, the image below is from the blog Atlantic Pacific, with the army inspired design was done by using the tutorial above.
I, personally, prefer this simple red, white, and blue design because it seems more subtle.

Another tutorial is from the blog,
It's a cute, puny, leather wallet which had been "re-vamped" by adding a colorful tribal print.

Good luck guys!

Lolita Book Purse

Have you seen the Lolita Book Purse? Natalie Portman was seen carrying it, very cute and interesting.
(Also, it makes you look smart. haha)

There is, indeed, a video tutorial on a book purse but the outcome of his project disapointed me greatly. If you are interested in watching it, here's the link on Youtube.

I currently cannot find a great tutorial yet, but I suggest to cut out 2 trangular shaped pieces of fabric, like in the video above, for the sides of the purse when it opens. But instead of cuting out all the pages of a book shown in the video, hollow the book out instead, which can be done according to this tutorial. Finally, to attach all the pieces together like Natalie Portman's, I suggest fabric glueYou can also place more fabric to cover the inside of the book, like the Moby Dick novel above.

NOTE: This is not really a tutorial, just my suggestions on how to create the purse. I will re-post if I find a better tutorial for this project,

D.I.Y: Vests & Dresses Created From Scarves

Hello everyone! Have you ever seen those silk square scarves? The ones you see many old cute grannies wear around their necks and heads.  I have always wanted those, seeing the material and beautiful designs.  So here are some alternative ways to wearing these scarves.

The tutorial for the vest is from a very lovely blogger ( with a rebellious imagination.  Clearly, I don't know what else to say to introduce this blogger. Seeing this as my first post, I hope you all can forgive me.

The tutorial is ridiculously simple and easy.  You simply cut two slits, like so..

"First and only step: cut two diagonal slits on either side of the scarf's midpoint.
That's it!"

The next tutorial is one that I prefer over the vest. Simply because I just have an obsession with dresses. Ironically, I barely have any dresses in my own closet, no worries, I'll work on it.
This project you would need two scarves, and they don't need to be alike either.
I believe that shows a little self expression and creativity.

The picture above is from her post displaying how she styled the dress.

The project is from Glamourai and is perfect for a beginner sewer, for the dress does not need to be perfect.
If it's lop-sided it still looks great, just match it with a belt!  All [Glamourai] instructs is to sew a hourglass shape and some chains to act as straps.  Be creative, it doesn't need to be chains to be straps.

Good Luck!