Thursday, 11 August 2011

D.I.Y: Monochrome Clutch

Found on Runway DIY, this tutorial displays
a creative way to re-style old clutches.
Solid-colored pieces are very "in" for the summer and spring clothing
pieces, so this would be a wonderful addition.
(The inspiration)
(The DIY product)

Inspiration: Flower Painted Shorts

Something different!
I've seen many trends, and this is super cute,
super easy, and creative!
Hand painted flowers on your shorts.
I would personally use acrylics, but I'm uncertain if it would be
the right paint...
Found on The Glamourai.

D.I.Y: Dolce & Gabbana Crochet Bag

Damn, I wish I could knit, or crochet.
This project is super cute and I want to have it so badly.
Mostly for the beach. Too bad it's getting colder.
Posted by Because She Started Knitting recently,
her D.I.Y is very much like the real thing, fanatastic outcome.
Next mission: Learn to crochet.
Wish me luck guys!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

D.I.Y: Feather Headband

Want something a bit wild?
No, this isn't a normal accessory, but it's fun to have around.
This was on Chictopia and the instructions are
on the side bar of this look.
"All you need is a black thick ribbon, a hot glue gun and a packet of feathers.
Glue the feathers to the back of the ribbon,
let it dry and then glue another piece of ribbon over the top of the feathers
so it’s nice & soft on your forehead"

Good luck!

D.I.Y: Circle Scarf

Summer's ending, and "back-to-school" is just around the corner.
Which means, my birthday and fall!
So take out those long pants, boots, jackets, and scarves!
to prepare you for this new school year.
This cute little easy project would be
a wonderful addition into your autumn wardrobe.
Well good luck and enjoy!

D.I.Y: Temporary Hair Dye

I wish I could be blonde so badly.
So I could dye my hair crazy colors very easily.
Luckily for all you blonde-haired beauties, you can dye your
hair a different color everyday!
Pull Teeth provides us with a very interesting hair dye tutorial 
by using Crayola Tropical washable markers!
The link, in fact, also includes a video that is easy to follow.

D.I.Y: Glitter-edged Sunglasses

She is obviously a style-icon so there was bound to be a "D.I.Y" on one
of her looks.
There has been alot of talk of Jennifer Lopez's sunglasses she recently wore.
Of course, here it is..the project by The Glitter Guide.

D.I.Y: Ombre Shirt

The ombre effect is definitely a popular trend.
This project can be done on t-shirts, shorts, skirts, cardigans, etc.
Thanks to Cotton and Curls this is a great way to re-use old clothes and fabrics.
Well hope you have fun.
I'll be having alot of  brief posts for this next little while.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

D.I.Y: Rodarte Inspired Leggings

This criss-cross leggings from the Rodarte S/S 2009 
gives a great twist to cut out leggings.
Originally laser-cut, these leggings really do add a unique,
edgy touch to an outfit.

The tutorial is old, but good and originally posted by Park and Cube.
Also when accomplishing this project, remember to note the tips from the tutorial.
(i.e. NEVER stretch and cut, etc.)

Inspiration: Nasty Gal Twisted Dress

Oh Nasty Gal you have the best inspiration.
Yet for this inspiration I am uncertain how to achieve it.
No worries, I'll update when I find out.

D.I.Y: Envelope Clutch

When I first saw this tutorial, I instantly thought
"I could put my resumes in there! And I'll look cool."
Haha, yes. That's my first reaction, and I still feel that way.
I passed by this ridiculously easy tutorial last week on Swell Mayde and could not
thinking about it since.
Good luck!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Inspiration: Bandage Dress

Found on Bona Drag clothing website, this
Shakuhachi dress surely reminded me of the Burberry skirt post from last month.
The method to completing this project is a bit different from the post but still similar.
The bandage dress has a sheer/mesh fabric underneath with strips of peach/blush colored silk
draped ontop.
If you want to be more specific in fabric, the blush/peach is 100% silk
and the mesh is 100% reyon.
To be honest if I wouldn't create this dress, but use it's "bandage" design to 
create a skirt.
Good luck! 

Friday, 5 August 2011

Inspiration: Lace Sleeve Caps

These photos below were originally from Behind The Seams'
tutorial on lace nails. (However I found them on Google)
But I was distracted by the blogger's top, it's ridicoulously cute.
I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate lace into
my wardrobe that would be unique from other girls.
And here it is!

All you need is some lace, tank top, and thread.
(The lace is a semi circle with a scalloped edge.
Create a circle with the edges scalloped and it will look like a daisy.
The diameter should be the length of the strap and finally cut the circle in two.)

Well good luck!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

D.I.Y: Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts have been in trend for a while.
And now I see on Who What Wear that printed maxi's are now in style.
So I guess this tutorial should help you fashionistas who
want to have some D.I.Y fun and get a new piece of trendy clothing.

(yes I do realize there is a topless photo in the image)

This project was presented by I Am Vintage Lover 
and it definitely is one dramatic, eye-catching piece.
Have fun and good luck!

D.I.Y: Scalloped Shorts

I've been seeing scalloped things everywhere on the Internet.
And I'm not talking about scalloped potatoes or anything.
-lame joke.. sorry-
Yes it does seem quite simple and you've probably seen the tutorials
but now I will post it.
Plus it's cute.
First I present you a tutorial by Pixie In Pumps.
She added a little spunk to her shorts by adding an ombre effect.
Here..below, Morven shows her work.. (her link)

Inspiration: Chain Statement Ring

I have collected many photos over the internet for a while.
Sadly I can't keep track of where I find them, the photo below I
believe I found at Style Frizz a while back.
This ring can be easily accomplished with
different chains (with similar lengths) and two ring blanks.
You can purchase ring blanks on ebay for $2 for 10,
but remember to buy one with multiple loops to
attach the chains (as seen below).

Inspiration: Collared Romper

I love the vivid coral color, the collar of the romper and
the large-knit grey sweater.
There are many tutorials on transforming t-shirts to rompers.
Use the same method on a dress shirt and TA-DA!

D.I.Y: Anthropologie Inspired Necklace

It looks very romantic, yes?
Has that spring/summer look.
I love it and totally can imagine pairing it with a nude simple dress.
The tutorial was posted back in March by Flamingo Toes.
It's stunning and I hope you "necklace-hoarders" enjoy.
Good luck!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

D.I.Y: Ear Cuffs

I'm assuming you have seen Style Hurricane's large selection of
ear cuffs that she sells.
If not... see below for her work..
I've been eyeing them and trying to find a way to create them myself.
Well why wouldn't I? Look at her work.. gorgeous.
You can buy them here.
 If you rather make your own? Visit this magical place.. here.
The tutorial is provided by Reading A Bad Romance 
and the results of her D.I.Y (below) were not too shabby. Pretty rad actually. 

D.I.Y: Slashed Jeans

When I describe these jeans as slashed, they are
really destroyed like no other jeans.
But I seem to like them, it's very edgy, and doesn't cover much.
That's how I roll my little readers.
The tutorial is from Park & Cube and she
did this tutorial.
She then applied this technique with both long and short jeans.
(her blog is awesome, go check it out)

Inspiration: Color Block Dress Shirt

Here.. below.. I present to you "print-screen" of a Korean drama I am currently watching.
Clearly I have no other way to spend time wisely, so I lay on the couch and
watch this non-sense.
It's not that interesting.. but I do love their taste of clothing.
So below is the president of a fashion company.
Love his shirt.
I'm not entirely sure how I would accomplish this look when doing a D.I.Y.
I was considering some kind of dye.. but that would most likely wouldnt do so well after washing it in the washing machine.
So any suggestions??