Monday, 18 July 2011

Bows: The Finishing Touch

Bows are the finishing touch. Most of the time it adds a feminine sense to the outfit.
But, not only girls wear bows; don't forget there are bow ties..
Below are varies ways one could incorporate bows into their outfits.

1.You could sew a humongous bow and attach it to a plain tank top.

2.An alternate for a bow tie...
You could take a velvet string and tie it into a bow. Add a safety pin/brooch at the back and use it to accessorize with a plain collared shirt.
The "Velvet Bow Brooch" is sold on ASOS for
£6.00 ,but can be easily done for much less.
3. Bows and shoes. 
Correct me if I am wrong... but it looks as if the bow is on an elastic band, and worn
around the shoes.
 {click to enlarge}
In the end, bows always add a romantic finish to our outfits.

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