Monday, 18 July 2011

Lolita Book Purse

Have you seen the Lolita Book Purse? Natalie Portman was seen carrying it, very cute and interesting.
(Also, it makes you look smart. haha)

There is, indeed, a video tutorial on a book purse but the outcome of his project disapointed me greatly. If you are interested in watching it, here's the link on Youtube.

I currently cannot find a great tutorial yet, but I suggest to cut out 2 trangular shaped pieces of fabric, like in the video above, for the sides of the purse when it opens. But instead of cuting out all the pages of a book shown in the video, hollow the book out instead, which can be done according to this tutorial. Finally, to attach all the pieces together like Natalie Portman's, I suggest fabric glueYou can also place more fabric to cover the inside of the book, like the Moby Dick novel above.

NOTE: This is not really a tutorial, just my suggestions on how to create the purse. I will re-post if I find a better tutorial for this project,

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