Thursday, 21 July 2011

D.I.Y: Beach-Inspired Projects

Lately, I'm guessing since it is summertime, everyone has been pursuading me to join them at the beach.
Personally, I find the beach is a little irratating just because one factor.
The sand.
Mostly when it's windy, don't get me started.
However, the beach is one good place for relaxation.
Everything insipired by it seems to be whimsical, peaceful, airy and happy.
Enough with the jibber jabber, on with the D.I.Y's...

The picture above is of a cute, vividly colorful bracelet/anklet made of seed beads sewn onto a shoe lace.
The tutorial was cleverly created by Between The Lines.
I really love this tutorial for it's colors and it's low level of difficulty. Plus the materials for the
project is very easy to find, and it's also very cheap.

I think I have made it obvious that I'm in love with Studs and Pearls blog.
Well, what can I say? Other than she's a creative genius!
Enough with the compliments and flattery.
She recently posted this seashell earring tutorial.
But in my opinion, I think the earrings could look pretty awesome with an ombre effect.
Perhaps with the colors white and teal? Done with spray paint?
But it would be difficult- the seashells are puny.

The video above is a "Yacht Dress", which I believe can also be
a beach bathing suit cover up. It's a simple D.I.Y from a reconstruced t-shirt.

That's all for now!
Good luck!

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