Saturday, 30 July 2011

D.I.Y: Galaxy-Print

It's so "hipster".
Lately alot of people have been taking interest in the
design of nebulas and galaxies.
The color and stars it's something mysterious and mystical about it.
So here is how you can incorporate galaxies into your clothes.

I tested out this tutorial myself.
And it turned out wonderful, I got many positive feedback on them..
I'll post a picture of my version when I find the photos haha.
Well here... Goth Reform School provided us a cosmic shoe tutorial.
It's super easy and doesn't take up much time (also, again. it's super cheap).
Still going along with the galaxy theme...
this is a video tutorial by Youtuber Look Under Here, she created a
bandeau tutorial!!!

Yeah.. I'm sorry. I have nothing really left to say.
Long week. Haha

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