Tuesday, 19 July 2011

D.I.Y: Sharpie Love.

So you think you can only use the bold markers for art?
Have you thought about using it on your clothes and accessories?

1. Studs and Pearls recently presented a geometric lace top tutorial.
It includes how to make the top and how, of course, she incorporated the use
of Sharpies into her clothing.
2. Here is faux-Chanel top from Luxenoir, who accomplished this
project with 3 simple tools: a white tee, a sharpie and a Chanel logo template.
3. I came upon these wonderful Sharpie heels found on Outsapop.
They truly are a statement piece to a girl's waredrobe.
  4. Finally, you also have the option of making your jewellery appear more antique or "vintage" by following this post by Glamourai.

Need more inspiration?
There is cute image of a unique little D.I.Y sweater was found on

Good luck guys!

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